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robly vs. hubspot

Try a simpler and more effective email marketing platform than Hubspot. Switch to Robly

With Robly, you get every feature, including advanced AI tools and round-the-clock support, all at an affordable price. Experience the freedom and value that thousands have already found with Robly.

Ditch the complexity of Hubspot. Try simple but effective Robly


Hubspot is known for its complexity, making it best suited for large enterprises with dedicated teams to manage different aspects of marketing. While it offers a vast array of features, many of them go unused by most users.

In contrast, Robly is designed to be simple and intuitive, providing powerful features that are easy to use and accessible to businesses of all sizes. Robly offers a streamlined solution without the overwhelming complexity, allowing you to focus on what matters most: growing your business.

All features on all plans

Don't get feature-gated. Grow your business with all our advanced features irrespective of your plan.

Superior AI capabilities

Go beyond AI-copywriting. Our propitiatory AI tools increase your open rates, engagement and revenue.

Unmatched live support

Get real help when you need it. Connect with 24/7 US-based support via live chat, email or phone.

More affodable

Get more value for less. Robly provides all the essential marketing tools without the hefty price tag.

Simple and intuitive

Skip the complexity. Robly is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward to navigate and leverage its features.

Higher ROI

Maximize your return. Robly’s streamlined tools and intuitive design ensure you get the most out of your marketing efforts.

Double your ROI at a fraction of the cost

Businesses who switch to Robly typically see up to 50% more opens, clicks and sales within six months of switching. At about half the cost.
Up to 2,000$19/mo for all features$890/mo for all features
Up to 2,500$35/mo for all features$915/mo for all features
Up to 5,000$58/mo for all features$1,040/mo for all features
Up to 10,000$92/mo for all features$1,290/mo for all features
Up to 50,000$270/mo for all features$3,190/mo for all features

* This information was accurate at the time of publishing this compariosn.

Reach your entire audience with unlimited emails

Email sending volumeRoblyHubspot
Up to 2,000$19/mo - Unlimited emails$890/mo - Up to 40K emails
Up to 2,500$35/mo - Unlimited emails$915/mo - Up to 50K emails
Up to 5,000$58/mo - Unlimited emails$1,040/mo - Up to 100K emails
Up to 10,000$92/mo - Unlimited emails$1,290/mo - Up to 200K emails
Up to 50,000$270/mo - Unlimited emails$3,190/mo - Up to 1M emails

Revolutionary email service

We love everything about Robly – the ease of designing emails, managing lists and engaging our patrons in managing their own email preferences. The support via Robly has been exceptional as well.

Toby Schine

Executive Director & Producer, Boston Children’s Theatre

Robly vs Hubspot

Don’t let cost and lack of features stop you from growing your business. Let your growth engine skyrocket with Robly.

Supercharge your marketing at lesser cost

Core featuresRoblyHubspot
AI Send optimization (with Robly AI)On all plansNot available
AI Open Boost Technology (with Robly AI)On all plansNot available
Generative AI featuresOn all plansLimited starting at $890+ plan
SurveysOn all plansNot available
A/B TestingOn all plansOnly on $890+ plan
Advanced segmentationOn all plansLimited starting at $890+ plan
Detailed reportingOn all plansOnly on $890+ plan
Email automationOn all plansOnly on $890+ plan
Lists (audiences)Unlimited on all plansLimited starting at $890+ plan
24/7 Priority supportOn all plansLimited starting at $890+ plan

Robly AI

Harness the predictive power of RoblyAI to ensure your emails arrive at the exact moment your subscribers are most likely to engage. Perfect timing means higher open rates and top-of-the-inbox visibility.

Robly OpenGen

OpenGen gives non-openers a nudge with a follow-up email sporting a new subject line, significantly lifting your open rates and bringing dormant leads back to life.

Robly Engage

Take control of your open rates by ensuring your emails are seen by the right people at the right time, reactivating unengaged subscribers and keeping your list fresh.

Smart automation

Engage customers with behavior-driven emails that arrive exactly when they’re most likely to take action. From a warm welcome to shopping cart reminders, make each email an opportunity to strengthen your customer relationships.

Plus all the critical email marketing tools you need to grow your business.

Superior email delivery, engagement and list growth

Robly gives you more proprietary, open-generating technology than anyone else. Our powerful features are all included in your subscription with exclusive email open rate technology, powerful personalization and beautiful emails templates.

50% More Opens

Our proprietary email sending technology increases your email open rates and ROI from your campaigns by upwards of 50%.

5x More Engagement

Increase the engagement on your emails with each subsequent campaign that you send. Available on all plans. 

10x Your Email List

Grow your email list up to 10x faster with our beautiful and easy to create forms, popups, exit-intents and landing pages.

24/7 Human Support

Get the help when you need, from real people who are genuine experts at email marketing. We are here to see you grow.


Help from real people. Whenever you need.

24/7 expert support whenever you need it. We are here to see you grow.

Robly Support

Works with the systems you love

Robly integrates with hundreds of tools and services you already use for your organization. Bring your audience in, sync sales and conversions and improve your data intelligence. All through plug and play.

Don't take our word for it.

See why thousands of organizations and communities worldwide love Robly.

#1 Ranked Email Marketing Platform

Robly is the highest rated email platform across 27 competitors according to several reputed review platforms like Software Reviews, Crozdesk and Sourceforge.

Superior Platform at Less than Half the Cost

Robly offers an easy to use platform and even provided us a super sharp template. They are offering this superior product for less than half of what I was paying at a competitor.

Washington General Store

Owner, Meghan Lavelle

Revolutionary email service

We love everything about Robly – the ease of designing emails, managing lists and engaging our patrons in managing their own email preferences. The support via Robly has been exceptional as well.

Boston Children's Theatre

Executive Director & Producer, Toby Schine

Robly A.I. is fantastic!

Robly A.I. is such an amazingly clever concept … I’ve always struggled with the best time to send to my list. They solved that one for me! Customer service is super friendly. I chose the Ultimate subscription because it was still a bit cheaper than my Constant Contact bill.

Weatherford International

Global Product Line Manager, Justin Cunningham

Definitely Email Marketing’s Best in Breed

I’ve used Constant Contact, Mailchimp, and Mad Mimi and Robly stands out as someone who a) gets me to the top of the inbox with OpenGen and Robly A.I., b) has a substantially easier-to-use interface than Constant Contact, c) they made it a completely hassle-free switch, d) they made me a very professional-looking and editable custom template, and e) the follow-on support I have received has been timely and thorough.


Senior Software Architect, Patricia Beatty

Very happy with the product

The system is very easy to use. Love the templates, much more mobile friendly. Just started testing the Inbox Preview Test function. We’ve also done a couple of AI campaigns – not sure if there’s a huge increase, but it’s an interesting concept.

Stanton Homes

Marketing/Business Development, Penny Hull

Robly A.I. & OpenGen Get Results

t couldn't have been easier for me to switch to Robly. Somebody called me and set my expectations high. They were exceeded by the speed and professionalism with which Robly switched my account over. All my segmented lists got transferred by them. Love the features to get me more opens, love the cost savings, love the human touch! I used several mail services but this one clearly beats them all.

Co-Founder & CEO, Markus W.

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