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The Email Marketer's Yearly Planning Workbook

The strategic framework to achieve your email marketing goals.

Between growth strategies, audience analysis, and performance metrics, email marketing can feel overwhelming. This workbook offers a structured approach for planning your year and achieving better results.

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What's in this workbook

Clear and concise

Dive into a wealth of distilled knowledge without the fluff. Our workbook delivers actionable insights with sharp strategies that have been tested in the field. Get ready to amplify your email marketing ROI significantly as you implement these clear-cut tactics designed for today’s competitive digital landscape.


Our workbook provides you with a formulaic approach to crafting campaigns that deliver steady, reliable results. You'll find methodologies that you can adapt, apply, and reapply to continually resonate with your audience.

Backed by data

Confidence in decision-making comes from knowing it’s supported by hard facts. Each strategy in our playbook is underpinned by solid data, derived from extensive research and real-world successes. We provide you with the evidence-based foundation you need to make informed decisions that lead to predictable and profitable outcomes.

Strategic edge

Gathered from a comprehensive analysis of industry-leading practices, this workbook provides strategic insights that propel you to the forefront of email marketing. Learn the art of crafting impactful campaigns by understanding the principles that drive successful email communications. These insights will enable you to elevate your strategies and stand out in a crowded inbox.


Efficiency meets efficacy with our collection of customizable templates. These ready-to-use frameworks are designed to streamline your strategy implementation process, allowing you to focus on crafting compelling content. With these templates, you're not just saving time; you're engineering campaigns optimized for success right from the start.

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Navigating the waters of email marketing, from expanding reach to dissecting audience behavior and scrutinizing performance data, can seem daunting. Our workbook lays out an organized path for annual planning, guiding you towards improved outcomes.

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